Chemmala Moringa Baby Massage Oil

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Massaging as a touch communication is an intimate act between a parent and the child. It keeps your baby’s skin hydrated and well-nourished. Chemmala Baby Massage Oil has the goodness of moringa seeds and other herbal essential oils like basil, turmeric, and vetiver that encourage development and lessen sleep disturbances and irritability.

Give your baby the moringa seed oil massage. Moringa seeds have antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent your baby from developing rashes and also soothes and relax colicky babies.

Together with the ever nourishing almond oil and virgin coconut oil that is rich in essential fatty acids and proteins for moisturizing the tender skin, the baby massage oil also provides the richness of vitamin E from almonds that helps in improving skin strength and thickness.


  • Moringa seed oil - Soothes the skin with its antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Virgin coconut oil - A natural moisturizer and cleanser 
  • Almond oil - Contains vitamin E and vitamin D that prevents skin problems
  • Basil oil - Helps in improving digestion
  • Vetiver oil - Helps in improving the breathing patterns
  • Turmeric oil - Prevents inflammation

*The above-mentioned benefits of the essential oils are based on observation and are not suggested as or in place of medical treatment.

Key Benefits Of Massaging

  • Baby massage oil promotes body development and reduces sleep disturbances
  • Massaging increases the blood circulation in the infant's body
  • Fatty acids and proteins present in the baby oil acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin
  • Baby massage oil helps in strengthening the tender bones  
  • Vitamin E and vitamin D present in the oil improves the quality of the skin

When and how to use

You can apply Chemmala baby massage oil to your baby’s skin from the second week of his/her birth. Lay your baby on his/her back and start massaging their hands. Establish eye contact while performing the activity. Slowly move to the legs and feet once the contact is established. Be gentle while massaging your baby. 

Before or after the bath or any other time when the baby is calm is the right time for massaging and you should massage your baby regularly.  

*This oil is for external use only and not recommended for internal use.


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