Vetiver Essential Oil


In the Middle Ages, Vetiver Oil was most commonly used in scents. In Ayurvedic practices, Vetiver Oil was respected for its spiritually inspiring aroma and for its remedial qualities. Vetiver essential oil is applied to the skin for relieving stress, emotional traumas, shock, lice, and repelling insects. The botanical name of the vetiver is “Vetiveria zizanioides”. Vetiver essential oil is also called Khus in Northen India oil which is extracted from the vetiver plant.


♦ Used in aromatherapy applications. Vetiver essential oil is effective as an aromatherapy agent.
♦ Vetiver Essential Oil is beneficial for soothing anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression, and the inability to concentrate or remember.
♦ It is mostly useful to treats dandruff, heals scars, prevent acne, etc.
♦ Using vetiver essential oil improves the immunity of the body.
♦ It is very helpful to prevent bacterial infections in the skin.
♦ Used in massages, the tonic properties of Vetiver Essential Oil enhance circulation, boosts the metabolism and digestion, and soothes joint pain.


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