Kusum Bath Powder for Women


Kusum Bath Powder For Women is a completely natural product that includes no artificial chemicals and flavors. The powder helps in dead skin exfoliation and skin purification. The bath powder is 100% herbal and its Ayurvedic ingredients have healing properties that make it an excellent alternative to bathing soap.

The Chemmala bath powder is an aromatic powder that comprises the rich herbal extracts of moringa leaves, green gram, split chickpea lentils, senna, turmeric, rose petals, and hibiscus flowers that make your skin look bright and makes it smooth, and silky.

Moringa leaf extract present in the bath powder is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C that protects and nourishes the skin and is also rich in antioxidants. Hibiscus powder is a natural cleanser and helps the skin to glow. Green gram stops the skin from premature aging and improves skin texture, while turmeric powder removes dirt from the body and reduces tan.


  • Moringa leaves - Contains antioxidants that reduce skin problems
  • Green gram - Removes dead skin cells and brightens the skin texture
  • Split chickpea lentils (Chana Dal) - Reduces skin inflammation and makes the skin smooth
  • Senna - Antibacterial properties softens the skin and removes blisters
  • Turmeric - Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties heal and provide luster to the skin
  • Rose petals - Protects the skin from harmful UV rays
  • Hibiscus flower - Naturally exfoliates the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation

*The above-mentioned benefits of the ingredients are based on observation and are not suggested or in place of medical treatment.

Benefits of the bath powder

  • It is beneficial for skin irritations, sweating, and other skin problems
  • The application stimulates blood circulation, clean skin pores, and improves skin texture
  • The aromatic soap acts as a natural deodorant and keeps you fresh and lively
  • The powder removes dirt from the body, exfoliates dead skin, and stops premature aging of the skin  

How to use

Mix Kusum Bath Powder with water and make a paste. Apply the paste on the skin and leave it for a few minutes for the paste to dry so that the skin absorbs the nutrients and aroma of the paste. Gently scrub the paste away with warm or cold water. Feel a refreshing bathing experience.

*This powder is for external use and not recommended for internal use.


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