Chemmala Premium Herbal Hair Oil

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Give your hair the nutrition it deserves

Chemmala Herbal Hair Oil is a 100% natural moringa oil with base oils of castor, coconut, and neem. This classical Ayurvedic formulation is a complete hair care solution that has been in use for centuries.

For proper maintenance of the hair and ensuring growth, hair treatment with oil is a necessity. Chemmala Herbal Hair Oil is an excellent quality, mineral-oil-free, and cold-pressed hair oil that seeps into the scalp and nourishes the hair from within unlike other hair products like shampoo that acts only on the hair strands.

The hair oil made with moringa works gradually to make the hair strong and shiny. Moringa has a lot of vitamins including vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B7 which are important for healthy hair. B6, biotin, and folic acid are important for hair loss treatment. Moringa is rich in all the said vitamins and minerals. 

Vitamin E in moringa stimulates the hair scalp by increasing blood circulation. Increased blood circulation provides more nutrients to the hair, making it strong, healthy, and thick. It also delays the process of hair greying and reduces dandruff visibility.

Coconut oil as base oil promotes a healthy scalp by fighting such problems as lice, insect bites, and dandruff. It also prevents hair breakage and split ends. Thus contributing to hair length.

Castor oil eliminates dry hair, thickens hair, and reduces hair damage. Neem oil has high fatty acid content that is good for hair scalp. A healthy scalp is a prime requisite for healthy hair.

Hear from our customers:


Moringa Oliefera, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Neem Oil, Senna Auriculata, Indigo, and 9 other hair care essential oils.

*Please refer to the product package for the updated list of ingredients.


  • Enriched with zinc, iron, amino acids, vitamin C and E, and omega 3s, moringa accelerates hair growth by bringing oxygen to the hair roots and helping in nourishing and building healthy hair
  • The unique formula gently cools the scalp and provides relief from dandruff and dry skin
  • The essential oils present in Chemmala Herbal Hair Oil gets absorbed in the skin quickly and strengthen hair roots
  • The herbal hair oil helps reduce stress which is a root cause for hair fall
  • The combination of rare ayurvedic herbs improves hair quality and stimulates hair follicles by improving circulation and providing naturally thick and long hair 
  • Moringa in the hair oil has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce scalp inflammation and keeps dandruff at bay
  • The hair oil nourishes chemically treated hair and deeply conditions it
  • Moringa in the oil coats the hair with an even layer of protein and naturally restores hair color

How to use

For best results, apply Chemmala Herbal Hair Oil to the scalp and hair root with your fingertips and massage gently for approximately 30 minutes. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo afterward. For best results, follow this ritual twice or thrice a week.


*The product description, including the benefits provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. For additional information about the product, please contact the manufacturer. 

27 reviews for Chemmala Premium Herbal Hair Oil

  1. Arjun

    Great product. I have noticed Hair regrowth in bald spot. very happy to find this product

    • Chemmala Moringa

      Thanks For Your Valuable Review.

      Once you are satisfied with this product, pls refer your friends and relatives.

  2. A. Ramya

    It’s awesome, my hair falling has stopped and to my surprise, I found my hair regrow… thanks.

  3. Gopakumar

    marvelous products

  4. Viji

    Good Results For My Hair fall Problem

  5. Swathika

    My dad has been use this oil for over an year..the results are amazing. There are regrowth of hair in the bald area.
    Also my brother has been using it and hair fall has reduced a lot. Definitely recommend this oil.

    • admin

      Thanks For Your Valuable Review

  6. sirini

    Good One Product of Chemmala

  7. vijaya

    Its amazing!!!

  8. Sanoop Khan

    very good Product But Expensive

  9. Prabhakaran

    Great ! This product is working. But only after 3 weeks. Stopped my hair loss 100% and Regrowth also… Thank you Chemmala

  10. Gopi

    This really worked for me. Strongly Recommend For More Peoples Strongly…

  11. Uma

    Very costly but it is worth for money. Stayed in chennai for last 5 years lost almost all my hairs. Got hair growth but it took nearly 2 months. Satisfied

  12. Sridevi

    One of the best hair oil for Hair Fall & Dandruff

  13. Shaju

    100% worth for money. This is working for both me and my wife.

  14. Nandhini

    Very Good Product…

  15. Buvi

    with in a week it’s drop my dandruff Problems thank u Chemmala

  16. Kokila

    wonderful product

  17. Jansy

    Hi thank u very much for ur product it really works .I have been using it for last 20 days and there is some difference in my hair growth It’s best product compared that what we can get in market .

  18. Masiraj

    This oil is good, I want bulk in quantity, will you give me oil in bulk quantity.

  19. Sarath

    Very Good Product Highly Recommend on this product Thank you Chemmala

  20. Jeevan

    Ok supar

  21. Radhakrishnan

    this oil used in 5 days very very good!!!… highly recommended for hair fall & dandruff

  22. Rakeshwaran

    Great delivery & Worth for money

  23. Sudeep

    The perfect oil for any hair problems. Especially, it prevents my hair fall in very days I used it.

  24. Durgadevi

    its been several months and now started second bottle.. So Far it is good… Still I am waiting for a decent regrowth ..Will keep update you and going to buy more bottles

  25. Nithiya

    Chemmala Moringa’s Herbal hair oil treats my hair fall at very young age of 23.Thank god for saving me

  26. Devi

    i think before use this oil it’s work normal hair oil but now this oil totally broken my thoughts. i get 100% results for hair fall highly recommend this

  27. Prithiv Rajesh

    I love to recommend it for others who are seriously seeking for a real treatment for their hair fall, balding or any major scalp related issues.

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