Moringa Seed


Moringa seeds are obtained from the pods of the Moringa tree. Good quality seeds are segregated and packed in a zipper stand pouch. Each packet contains 180 nos of good seeds.

Moringa oleifera seed.
6-8 seeds per day.
Product Description:
Moringa seeds are nutrient-dense and come with many benefits. Moringa Oleifera seed has a high protein content, on average 31.4%, whereas Moringa seeds also contain carbohydrates are 18.4%, fiber at 7.3%, and ash at 6.2%. Thus, the defatted seeds of M. oleifera could provide an economical source of protein for use as a food supplement to traditional diets to increase protein intake. Furthermore, like the protein fraction, M. oleifera seeds have a high content of methionine and cysteine, close to that reported for milk and eggs. Therefore, they can be consumed together with legumes that are deficient in sulfur amino acids. Moreover, M. oleifera seeds seem to be free of trypsin inhibitor and urease activity, confirming the high protein digestibility (93%) of M. oleifera seeds.

Moringa seeds are a great source of zinc and can regulate blood sugar levels which can help manage or even prevent diabetes.
Moringa seeds make for a great supplement of calcium and help those suffering from joint pain. They help in reducing inflammation and severe bone disorders like arthritis.”
Lowers Cholesterol, Reduces Joint Pain
Moringa seeds are well known for their anti-carcinogenic effects. They can stop the growth and development of cancer cells by accelerating their death count.
It is proved that moringa seeds can reduce the number of oxidized lipids in our body and take care of our cardiac health by safeguarding the heart tissues from constructional damages
The oil extracted from moringa seeds contains almost 30 antioxidants. It contains vitamins A, B-complex, C, and other free radical boosters that save our body from severe oxidative damage. In other words, these antioxidant properties of moringa seeds can take care of our overall health
Moringa seeds are packed with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and are thus, very beneficial for skincare. The oil obtained from moringa seeds can be used as a moisturizer or used to treat skin problems like skin rashes and sunburn,
Moringa seeds are high in fiber and help in moving food along your digestive system


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