Yauvana Bath Powder for Men


Bath can be a stress buster. It is good to have a bath that heals ailments or makes you look younger for longer. Improve your bathing experience with Yauvana chemical-free herbal bath powder for Men. Several Natural Herbal ingredients in one mixture, Green gram, Channa dal, white turmeric, Senna flower, Moringa leaf powder, Rose petals, etc… THE MORE YOU USE, THE MORE YOU GLOW. Feel the manliness ooze from your skin-Everytime in Ayurveda bathing.

The usage is very simple, only two teaspoon of Chemmala bath powder, mix with milk/rose water/water as you prefer and make is as a paste. Properly dampen your body and apply the paste on all parts of your body, gently scrub with your fingers. Leave the paste on your skin for sometime, so all the nutrients and fragrance can get absorbed by your body. Wash it off with normal/warm water. After the fresh bath, you feel your spirit flies and diminish feelings of depression and pessimism because this natural bath gives a wonderful feel of comfort. SO THAT



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