Chemmala Sugathy – Clear & Healthy Veins

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A Pure Herbal Product
Varicose Veins are enlarged and twisted veins which causes blood pooling in the veins and leads to their twisting and bulging results in pain, itching and sometimes bleeding..
Natural ingredients used in this mixture not only treats varicose veins , but also to reducing swelling and improving blood flow and supply nutrients to the veins.
You can notice the results within only 4 weeks and get the beautiful painless legs.


How to use:

1.Apply any base oil ( coconut oil, castor oil , olive oil, etc ) on the surface which is to be treated
2.Mix the chemmala powder along with 4-5 cloves of crushed garlic paste and make it as a thick paste.
3.Apply 1mm thick mask of paste on the affected surface and spread it evenly.
4.Let it dry for 30 minutes. Ensure that all the paste should get dry.
5.Clean the surface using wet cloth slowly. Warm the surface with towel dipped in hot water to get rid of the pain
6.Do this repeatedly for 2-3 months. You can notice the results within only 4 weeks and continue to feel the healing effect.
7.If the veins are in very bad condition , then the process should be continued up to complete cure.


All natural ingredients like Moringa oleifera , Brassica nigra , Oryza sativa , Fuller’s earth , and one important herb which is effectively clears the blood clot and increases blood circulation


For external application only
Keep out of reach of children. Keep it at normal temperature
Avoid use of moist spoon / Spatula in the container.

2 reviews for Chemmala Sugathy - Clear & Healthy Veins

  1. Dr. Avinash Salgar Director – Preventive Healthcare

    The review on your Sugathy
    This is a phenomenal product that people have given good reviews on.
    1. The painful states due to varicose vein issues has drastically come down.
    2. Better mobility & pain less states after a long use of about 4 months. Some who used to go to an
    occupuncturist for treatment (once a week) has come down to once a month.
    3. The varicose veins issue itself was resolved to one patient who tried this. She had an acute problem of
    even walking and now she has recovered from it completely.
    4. People with nervous debility (old age) has come down and also the dosage of their medicines.
    By Dr. Avinash Salgar
    Director – Preventive Healthcare

  2. Vimal

    Good One

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