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Pure Herbal Hair Oil

The ayurvedic hair oil features the nourishing goodness of natural herbs that are highly nutritious to hair. No artificial perfumes added. No side effects assured. Definite solution to promote your hair-growth and regain.

Chemmala Premium hair oil

Healthy Hair Retain & Re-Growth

Fights against a pyramid of hair problems like hair loss, broken strands, dandruffs, balding and hair fall naturally.


Organic Oil

Mix up of oil extracts from coconut, moringa, mustard, neem, etc.


For All Scalps

Organic hair oil for any strands, hair types against all hair problems.



No artificial perfumes added. Scented with natural additives mildly.



Hair oil that receives the most satisfactory review from its real users.


No Harm

As no chemicals or parabens used, it has zero side effects on you.



Cost-effective but also proven hair-oil than others in the market.


Take Away The Hair Problems In Your Life!

Let these silly hair & scalp related issues stop hampering your lifestyle. Step-out to this world with your real identity. For both Men & women.

Chemmala Moringa’s Ayurvedic Hair Oil – FAQ

Can this herbal hair oil reduce hair fall?

Yes, of course. This herbal hair product is made of oils extracted from coconut, moringa, mustard, neem, ginger, cinnamon, castor, lemon, and black pepper. The cinnamon oil in it treats hair thinning and prevents hair fall. Each ingredients helps in multiple hair treatments like moisture retention, conditioner, smoothening, etc.

How soon I can see hair re-growth?

You can see extra ordinary results (hair fall prevention & hair re-growth) using this herbal hair oil consistently for 1 Weeks.

What’s procedure to apply this Moringa hair oil?

It is so simple and safe to use. Just like your regular coconut oil or any hair oil you use, apply this chemmala Moringa herbal hair oil on your scalp every day. No complications & no side effects.

Does it have any age limits to render results?

Indeed, hair problems anything beyond 60’s because of aging are non-treatable. That’s inevitable.Otherwise it works well for any age groups – Men, Women & even kids (in preventing lice, split ends, etc.)

It’s not too late to give your personality a glimpse look with your soft, smooth and thick hairs. Throw away your embarrassing moments of your life.

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